Adam Mod PV From Korea

The Adam mod is proudly Korean made ecig mod. It can be used in different settings and is available in three different finishes. The Gold Adam is around $200 each. The Adam and its parts are crafted from SUS316 Stainless Steel that usually used in surgical and medical devices. The mod can also vape any kind of e-liquid, preferably v2 cigs because of the great value you can get. With any V2 cigs coupon code you can expect a 10% discount. The V2 coupon is available for use to all customers.

Features Of Adam

Style and accessorize Adam as you wish. You can put on its extension sleeves. You may also decorate it with colorful rings. It has a 510-connection center pin situated on its head cap. This pin can be appropriately adjusted in order to lower or raise the connection to accommodate different sizes of batteries. The sizes of batteries this Adam mode can accept are 18650, 18490 and 18350 batteries.

The battery springs can be adjusted. You can screw it to the left or to the right. You can lower and raise it too for adjusting the height of the spring in order to accommodate different battery sizes. Various tubes come with the Adam for these different battery sizes.

Adam mod also has a locking switch at its side that you can maneuver or click even with your pinky finger. It also features brass connections and hybrid function when used with AMR.

Tips In Using Adam

When locking the switch, do not unscrew its button as the nut is unscrewed. Otherwise, the button could come out and then fall off the ground or the surface.

The tubes for accommodating different batteries can be used with or even without the rings. Rings typically add aesthetic quality to the device, but do not necessarily affect the operation of the device.

It is also important to remember not to run resistances lower than one ohm. This is due to the nature of the hot spring on Adam’s bottom post. You can still fire your mod even of the resistance is less than one ohm. However, the hot spring will eventually become flattened.

This hot spring was designed to be an additional safety feature. The purpose of the hot spring is to prevent battery venting in case it get really hot. Once the spring is flattened, a replacement will be needed because it cannot be restored to its original shape.

Review Of Adam Mod

Users approve that flawlessness of this mod. Although it seems to magnetize the user’s fingerprint, this print can be easily and instantly wiped off.

There are bottom switch top cap and two adjustment rings on Adam. Aside from accommodating various battery sizes, this mod can also be conveniently used with Kick if you would like to transform it into a variable voltage Adam.

Whether you are in the mood for a longer, shorter or mid-length device, the Adam could be simply adjusted with the right battery to power up your vaping.

This mod is not only handsome, but also a great performer. It works and fires quite well each time you use it. At first, some users found it hard to lock the mod. If the switch seems not to work, you may try to screw it in a little bit in order for the ring to come out and function effectively.

Adam also comes in a Blue Titanium limited edition version. Users reported that this unit is truly an excellent device with even coating and matched colors. Even the bottom cap is finely coated in and out.

Some users complained about the switch not being reverse-threaded and its locking ring very small.

Users have noticed that the threads are not really so smooth and the tubes give off a creaking sound when screwed together.

The device is also reported to be very lightweight although looking at it will give you an impression that it is weighty.

While operating, uses noted that the voltage drop of this device is quite high. This means that the battery power will easily become depleted.

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